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Do-this a fantastic sermon from David Asscherick

Posted on May 18th, by Present Truth in David Asscherick, Speakers, Video. 11 comments

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11 responses to “Do-this a fantastic sermon from David Asscherick”

  1. Michelle Goforth says:

    I really enjoyed this message I watch it on my computer so if I did understand I could rewind which was nice, anyway I always thought that I had to Do more for the Lord. Don’t get me wrong thanks for your sermon at the camp meeting at 3ABN last week it opened my eyes. I know that as a follower of Jesus Christ I am to be a missionary of God. I honestly would not know what to say to Him if I was to stand in front of Him right now. So as you were saying in your sermon at 3ABN, that if I was to go to heaven and speak to Him would I have anything in common I don’t think I do. I Believe in Him I know that I love HIm and that He died for me and that He loves me but I need to Do more for Him, so I want to be a missionary of God and to do His Will. Thanks for listening. God Bless You!

  2. I used to avoid D.A. because I thought he was too frenetic, but now I appreciate him. Trouble is, I usually come in (via computer) in the middle of the presentation, and don’t know when exactly he’s scheduled, or even the name of the program

    Always very interesting. Thanks.

  3. Keara Scottt says:

    I saw you back in 2000 at a youth rally. I remember how on fire you got alllll of us youth. I so urne for that fire again. Where can I find studies that I can share with my husband and kids so that we can all be as on fire to do gods work as you are? Also are you going to be in the K.C. mo. area any time in the near future???
    would love for my husband hear how god has changed your life and how happy you are even through you trials.. Thanks for any info you can forward to me. Your sister in Christ

  4. Lorensas Rupsas says:

    I sure was blessed by the message, “DO”. Because our world Church is devided into Evangelical Adventists and true Adventists, I wish I could know where does David Asscherick stand. Some of the thoughts expressed in this sermon could be viewed differently. And one of simple decisive questions I would like to ask of him would be as followes, does brother David believe that we will enjoy eternal life only because of legal declaration/justification of Christ, or both, justification and sanctification mingled together?
    In other words, are we saved only by accepting the legal papers signed by Christ’s precious sacrifice, without our hearts being renewed into His image, so that we could actually enjoy eternity when He comes for us? And just to make myself a little more clear: both justification and sanctification are not commands or demands from God. Both are promised by God to transform us into His likeness so that we could be saved to enter friendship of unfallen worlds afar. Unfortunatelly some mistaken sanctification, life changing process as my own works, while in reality it is Christ living in me and changing me inside out. He offers His salvation for which we could never repay. But He cannot drag us into heaven with leagal papers of forgiveness in our hand against our will because of our unrenewed hearts, attitudes, habits, charished/known sins. After all, what is salvation!?

  5. Stern Arama says:

    very good pastor,

  6. Crystal says:


    Congratulations! You are now fulfilling the Bible which says “Come now, and let us repeat together.”
    Be sure to repeat what Walvoord, Lindsey, LaHaye, Ice etc. repeat what their own teachers repeat what their own teachers repeat etc. etc. etc.!
    Repeat that Christ’s return is imminent because we’re told to “watch” (Matt. 24, 25) for it. So is the “day of God” (II Pet. 3:12) – which you admit is at least 1000 years ahead – also imminent because we’re told to be “looking for” it?
    Also repeat the pretrib myths about the “Jewish wedding stages” and “Jewish feasts” (where’s your “church/Israel dichotomy” now?) even though Christ and Paul knew nothing about a “pretrib stage” and neither did any official theological creed or organized church before 1830!
    You should read “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” on the “Powered by Christ Ministries” site to find out why you shouldn’t repeat everything your pretrib teachers repeat.
    Do I have to repeat this?

  7. Janice Anderson says:

    Yes, praise the Lord, all of my do is doo doo! If it wasn’t only all of what Jesus DID, I would have no hope whatever. I was born again over 30 years ago and ended up leaving the SDA religion because this was not preached by them and was preached by Desmond Ford and a few others. I left because by believing that there is something I can do, they make light of and tear down what Jesus did and is doing. Yet, it really is a fight of faith because Satan is still trying to sneak in the manure and we have to be so diligent to keep Jesus and what he did and is firmly planted in front of our eyes or the old pharisaism rears its ugly head. This sermon and the one on Galations I listen to over and over because still, after 30+ years, I can begin scrutinizing myself for goodness. The truth is that there is not even a nutreno’s worth, not even a scintilla, of goodness in me. My only goodness is the Holy Spirit that I invite to dwell in me. And the only way the Spirit can dwell in me is by me coming to Jesus constantly, by reading His work and talking with Him continually.He said my part is to come unto Him, which I do only because I appreciate what He has done for me, not to get me into heaven. Keep up the good work, no, great work, David, of preaching the pure and simple GOSPEL! I pray for you daily.

  8. I don’t think a sermon needs to be “remember-able” in the way David is saying here… He puts the fault of not remembering at the side of the listener, however – there is a big part on the side of the speaker… And there are ways how a speaker can make sure that his listeners will take the principles and apply them to their lives, without remembering the exact words or topics of the sermon.

  9. Haley Olson says:

    Thank you for this sermon. I was raised in the Adventist Church and honestly thought that if I kept the ten commandments I would be saved. I actually wondered what Jesus was for. About a year ago I finally learned the truth you have presented here. It has brought such peace to my life. I don’t have to try to be good enough anymore. I have to accept that I am not! Now I come to the cross every morning by reading some verses about what Jesus’ death has done for me and spend my time thanking the Father for the wonderful gift of His Son. Then I ask Jesus to put His mind in me and live through me that day. I have seen changes in my marriage and all of my relations with others. Jesus is doing it through me. I can’t take any of the credit. This is the power in the word of God, that Jesus paid it all and now lives in me.
    Thank you for preaching about the gift of astounding grace that covers me. I pray our church becomes very solid on this most important truth!!

  10. Inge Ramse says:

    I loveed the sermon and ordered the profetic serie of 24;)
    God Bless Yoy-I am Blessed!
    Y S Inge Ramse

  11. JerryLovesGod says:

    My favorite sermons are by David A. Amazing how the bible comes together like a jigsaw puzzle and you see God’s hand in everything past, present and evermore. Bless you David and how the Spirit is using you to get God to us that want their eyes opened. Thank you!

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