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Obama’s website debates Sunday Law

Posted on November 10th, by Present Truth in Archives. 161 comments

Please read entire article before assuming anything. This event is foretold in bible prophecy yet we need not fear it. This is through the my.obama network, not neccesarily President Obama himself.

“So perhaps we should consider enacting a Sunday Law.  Not to restrict people from working, but to give liberty to those who can’t choose.  And imagine the tax dollars that would be saved? Full Story

161 responses to “Obama’s website debates Sunday Law”

  1. kofi says:

    what is happening to our everything that the bible had said will surely come to pass.and i am praying that whosoever will not conform to its acceptance shall be saved,especially seventh day worshipers who will be persecuted by the papacy,AMEN AND AMEN.

  2. De'Ante Jordan says:

    In order to “enact” a Sunday law for religious principles, then you would also have to do one for SATURDAY. Not everyone goes to church on Sunday adn their work schedules reflect that. If they have saturday off and work Sunday, then there business and finances will coem up as a deficit, politically speaking. As a Christian, using the Bible to understand the Bible, it’s Satan at work. He’s trying to get us to break one commandment because breaking one is like breaking them all. I don’t like where this is heading at all. I’m 18 and I the future is looking very, different…right now.

    Also, Muslims worship on Sundays as well, there’s a Muslim church down the street from my old church and when we went to worship no Sundays, they did too.

  3. alfonso marco says:

    in my own opinion sunday law imposition doesnt strengthen the truth about god’s existence. for me bible is just a book, not holy but been labeled holy by those religious leaders with a strategic plan on how to pursuade innocent minds to believe in such things which hardly cant be proven. things that has happened was done in purpose in which innocents minds thought of it as a prediction comes to reality. for me all of this things that has happened has always been about proving god’s existence is true- since sunday law has been indirectly tackled in the bible and now it has happened then people would strongly believe that something supernatural exist coz the one predicted is happening already. for me sunday law will be happening because thats the plan by the people behind in making this so called HOLY bible. so sunday law will of course cause a great war coz thats taking the liberty of people in choosing what to believe in but there wont be end of the world coz no such thing as god

  4. Sunday law is implemented, it means the second coming of Jesus is near. The man by force has taken over by force the devine authority from God to change the Sabbath day to Sunday without God’s endorsement. Since Jesus the son of God has been sent to this world to save the human being from sin and to pay cash by his blood, and he declared clearly His first coming and crucified were not the sign of nailing the Sabbath in the cross, and all humanbeing will worship him in his resurrection day. He never changed that. Therefore for those who change any of the Ten commendment will be defined as Anti Christ.Brotheren around the world let us worship God as stated in His commanement which Sabbath.

  5. baba says:

    do not bother much of the sunday law, surely its going to come very very soon BUT ….GET YOURSELF ON THE RIGHT PATH AND THAT IS BE READY AS OUR LORD JESUS IS COMING TODAY!!!!

  6. leonardo c vicente jr. says:

    seventh day Adventist already knew the things that happen every now and then. The national Sunday law will be implemented either you like it or not because it is written in the prophesy already. and then it followed the persecution of those who will not obey Sunday law as the day of the lord to be worshiped. Seventh day Adventist will be tested of their faith if they will stand or not if that day will come. But the Lord said “hold fast till I come”.

  7. love says:

    as a SEventh Day Adventist we should bare i mind and in our hearts that Sabbath is the Holy Day for us where our God rested in this day after the creation it is also our sign with our God. and it is also written to our ten commandments and it says “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy”
    so let us not be afraid for our Lord is coming soon.

  8. Dion says:

    people, behold! the Sunday law is soon to come. We don’t know exactly when it comes. What we need to do now is that we have to clean up our sinful souls. Repent ourselves from all sins and refrain from doing it again…God’s coming…We have to be prepared always for we know not the hour of when He comes.

  9. faraizireva says:

    remember the sabath day to keep it holy!thus says tha one will go against tha Lord

  10. jusem says:

    Sunday Law has no use. Kindly look on the calendar and even in dictionaries, the real Sabbath is Saturday not Sunday, for it is the 1st Day of the week.

  11. Jone says:

    The final issue will be Sunday -vs- the true Sabbath. For those who are willing to dig a little further regarding this issue, I challenge you to go to this site and download the book ‘The Great Calendar Controversy.’

    You will be amazed that we SDAs have also been duped into following satan’s counterfeit sabbath.

    Please lay your prejudices aside and read the book with an open mind.


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