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How To Study The Bible-1-Dwayne Lemon

Posted on May 19th, by Present Truth in Dwayne Lemon, Speakers. 3 comments

This is the first of a 3 part series on how to study the bible. This really helps you develop methods that will enrich your studies.

3 responses to “How To Study The Bible-1-Dwayne Lemon”

  1. Cherie says:

    What a great series. Thank you for opening my eyes to my lukewarmness and my need– for real, in-depth Bible study. I will share this series with my family and friends.

  2. Debra Weir says:

    I enjoy all of Dwayne Lemon’s sermons…Old school type preaching !!! The Lord is dealing with us all.. We need to hear more sermons like these !!!! We are responsible for what we know and what we could have known, may God help us all to redeem the time and get ready and truly know what we belive and to help others to be ready also . What a privilige it is to have this truth !!!!.

  3. jane foxen says:

    Jan2011 i set 2Peter3v18 as my text for the year oh God is merciful i dont have words to express how the bible has come alive i fell on elder lemons sermons on audioverse and these and others that im discovering are blessing my walk with Jesus and learning to grow in grace and his knowledge each day we need the spirit of elijah more and more praise be to God elder Lemon for these powerful messages.Oh let us work deligently for the night is far spent and the morning is about to break.we need to give the trumpet a sound much higher than before and awaken from our slumber.Come Lord Jesus come.

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