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C.D. Brooks- I want my church back

Posted on November 28th, by Present Truth in Prophecy, Speakers. 20 comments

Elder CD Brooks. What a Preacher. Take a few minutes to hear a message that will challenge you to the core.

Listen as to why a watered down gospel and lowering Christian standards will never finish the work. WARNING: this is not a light hearted sermon and may offend. CD Brooks is a man of God as fully exemplified in this sermon. This sermon is specifically addressed to those of the Seventh-day Adventist faith

20 responses to “C.D. Brooks- I want my church back”

  1. Samantha says:

    The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank God there are still preachers willing to call by it’s rightful name. I am hungry for more sermons like these because there are definitely not preached anymore. All they talk about is Jesus on the cross but he had risen and is now in the most holy place ministering. Why are our Pastors still preaching a courtyard message ALL THE TIME????????????? Thanks Present truth- keep them coming

  2. Suenell says:

    I want to hear a good sermon AGAINST Christmas! It started with Pagans then accepted & glorified by Christians. Wake up people, let go of any holiday that is Pagan related. You can cover dirt with chocolate but it’s still DIRT!

  3. Nat says:

    Amen and Amen. Lord let me be as faithful as those that have gone before. Praise God for such men as C.D. Brooks.

  4. Donald says:

    It is amazing how the Holy Spirit is working. We went (my family and I) to a 7th Day Adventist Church yesterday and their was drums and the choir director stated to me he has to easy up on the drums.He’s aware of my position on music. I came home and was vex about the situation,however I can put my hands on about a 1000 or more Present Truth sermons in my Library not including The Complete Publised Ellen G. White wirtings and the Bible . Yesterday I listen to Pastor J.Davis sermon after I came home (“Where is Elijah”?). He is right here! and this morning I had the opportunity to hear Pastor C.Brooks (“I want my Church Back”). I’will continue to blow the trumpet in and outside of Zion.I know my brother don’t understand but by the Holy Spirit and prayer we will explained the music and acceptable Worship.

  5. mxolisi says:

    I just discovered DR C.D.Brooks, must say never in my life have i enjoy lockup myself listening to sermon and coming out with determination to share the word …praise be to GOD! I FROM ORLANDO WEST SDA (SOUTH AFRICA)

  6. Thapelo kamodi says:

    gimme that old time religion…..praise the Lord for that,God needs people that kind of courage

  7. Kieron Kinard says:

    I have listened to Pastor Brooks sermon “I Want My Church Back” over and over again and each time there is something new that ministers to my heart. I know that it is the Holy Spirit that lead him to preach that sermon. Let us keep in mind that we are living in the last days and that this church is a part of end time prophecy. God in His wisdom, power and mercy will do the separating. Be encouraged and prayerful that it is all in God’s hands.

  8. Ron Kuivinen says:

    Have any of you watched the video, “Sonic Warfare by Ivor Myers?”
    He gets deep into the music of today. You can see it at:

    Is music just a matter of personal preference or is some music actually harmful? In this DVD, Ivor Myers, Senior Pastor of the Templeton Hills SDA church, explains how music can be more than meets the ear. Pastor Myers draws on his background as a former hip hop artist to explain differences in music, and how to quickly recognize music that might be harmful. The presentation includes real examples of music for demonstration purposes and may not be suitable for young children.

    This presentation was filmed at the Weimar and Amazing Facts Health and Evangelism Convocation in June, 2009.

    May God Bless,

  9. Pastor Brooks,sermon is indeed the truth.Adventist christian will need their church back.We need to get the church of God on the right path,we are indeed comprising a lot of things. Unholy and ungodly things are entering the church of God. We raise our voice through and speck the truth without fear and trembling.

  10. David W. Jones says:

    I have been listen to Pastor Brooks preach for over 50 yrs. His message has never wavered from the basic truth as prescribed by the Bible and the Spirit of Prophesy.
    Sadly I believe we are getting a watered down message today from the young 7th Day Adventist ministers. It seems as if they are more concerned with being politically correct then with preaching the message straight.
    Thank you Dr.Brooks for remaining true to your beliefs.

  11. Trevor Clark says:

    This needs to be shouted from the highest moutains.

  12. Janet Clarke says:

    Praise God! Praise!
    Thank you Elder CD from a lonely Adventist from Australia where the real message is becoming obsolete.
    Bless your heart with God’s love and thank you.

  13. B Horne says:

    You are all conservative legalist! If your church was so GOOD (I want my church back) why did Jesus not return when it was SO GOOD???. Your problem is you focus on what you call wrongs in the church i.e. music, standards slipping instead of leaving the church up to God and go out and tell the dying world that Jesus loves them. Someone above says “they only preach Jesus on the cross” how sad they find the TRUTH of the gospel so offensive, because they would rather focus about music in the church than Jesus on the cross, sums up their mentality really

  14. Sita Levu says:

    I too am thankful there are still preachers who are not afraid to call sin by it’s right name and like E.G. White says are willing to stand for the truth though the heavens fall. I too am hungry for sermons like these. It’s the word that sanctifies us and removes all the confusion but when confusion is being preached and the Word is watered down it doesn’t bring the conviction I need. God Bless You Pastor Brooks and Present Truth Ministries.

  15. Sita Levu says:

    I too am thankful there are preachers that are not afraid to call sin by it’s right name and who are willing to stand for the truth. The bible says it’s the Word that sanctifies, and so it’s the Word or the truth that gets rid of the confusion but when confusion is being preached or when the Word is watered down it doesn’t bring that conviction that I so long for and that I need. God Bless you Present Truth Ministries.

  16. Sesue says:

    I haven’t been to church for so long by now. First, in the past I was not eagerly seeking. I was born in it yet I thought it was enough, I lived what I knew to be a christian…until I was totally shaken when I stumbled on look alike Websites pointing teaching errors on SDA…I thought I’d give up on any religion. Most recently I relocated and decided I would attend church nearby my address…I was totally disappointed! The church worship was not the church I attended as a child…In my childhood I could hear the words of the songs the congregation sings even from a distant. How much more upon entering or when I am seated inside. I could not hear anything being sung except for the loud drums drowning everything…5 or more up front with a mike singing so loud…(only know it on their facial stress as well as a few in the congregation.) the songs sung are beautiful contempories projected upfront…I am not thinking that people who decorate themselve like christmas trees are bad but I felt it was different seeing people in church with multiple rings on multiple fingers, shiny metals on their noses and in shorts and tea shirts…God required so much preparation to meet HIM at Mt Sinai I recall but this is just not the cbhurch I ever knew…I am unable to listen to the sermon…does not open up for me..

  17. Sesue says:

    sitting in the church was very idle…it was just watching performance on stage…besides the sabbath school lesson…fed the homeless after church service…and all the cleaning up…and went home…

  18. mwembela says:

    i request for a copy of i want my church back

  19. Teaspoonaman says:

    It’s pure adventist preaching that brought me into this God’s church, not what you here these days from our pulpits. People who are not preachers are taking over making churches sleep. Those who are looking for these sermons free of charge google christinalifemediacentre and download this sermon unto your mobiles. i have downloaded more that 200 sermons of adventist powerful preachers from the website. God bless you all happy new year. my e- mail is

  20. Nambita says:

    Thank you Elder Brooks for the truth told – in this day an age am longing for truth only to bring me close to the sacrificed lamb.

    i would like to get copy of I want my church back!

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