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Who is this Ellen White? A Jewish Rabbi asks…

Posted on November 16th, by Present Truth in Archives. 11 comments

Artist Elfred Lee’s Testimony of Rabbi Joe Kagan:

“I met Rabbi Joe Kagan at Weimar Institute in CA. His family had come from Eastern Europe where his aunt had been raped while a priest stood over her with a crucifix saying, “This is what you get for killing Christ.” So you can imagine the feeling of many Jews towards Christianity. American Christians are not at all like Europeans.

His family moved to the US while he was young. At age 13 he debuted at Carnegie Hall as a cantor. He had a beautiful, tenor voice. He received a very high education and became a rabbi. I met him in his later years in 1978 after he had been on Ronald Reagan’s staff in Sacramento as their research man. If there were any questions about any subject, he was the one that did the research and found the answers.

He had a very negative attitude towards Christianity. He would never touch the New Testament. However, he knew the Jewish Old Testament (Torah) extremely well as a highly educated rabbi would. One day he got hold of a book called “Patriarchs and Prophets” by Ellen G. White. He read it with astonishment and wanted to know who this Ellen White was. That is when I met him. He was asking who is this Ellen G. White, and what university did she attend. We told him she only had a 3rd grade education. “Then, where did she learn Hebrew?” he asked. We told him that she never knew Hebrew, but was the most prolific female writer in history and that this was only one of her books.

He was amazed at her knowledge, saying that the information in this book (Patriarchs and Prophets) is Mishnaic. The Mishnah is part of the Hebrew scholarship. He said the Mishnah had only been translated into English 30 years ago and that only high-level rabbis knew this information. This is the history of my people and it is very, very accurate. He also said that you have to know Hebrew to be able to write like this because her sentence structure is not English, it’s Hebrew…The rhythm, the meter, the arrangement of words and expressions are not English. He said it’s as if she wrote in Hebrew and it was translated into English.

My family and I developed a strong friendship with Joe, his wife and son. As we studied the Bible and some Ellen White books together one day, he said, “I am convinced that Ellen White was inspired by the same source that inspired the Hebrew prophets. I want to become a Christian. I accept Jesus Christ as my Messiah.” Now, he would not have come to Christ through reading the Bible. Even though the Hebrew Bible is full of prophecies pointing to the Messiah, it took Ellen White’s writings to prove to him that Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of all the Hebrew prophecies.. And only then did he pick up the New Testament and read about his Jewish Messiah.

Many times I saw him cry. I was in the middle of a painting commission for a large mural called “Christ The Way of Life” for the world headquarters of the Seventh Day Adventist church in Washington DC. He became very involved with that painting. The painting had originally been inspired by James and Ellen White who had commissioned an engraver to do a black and white drawing of the subject. He confirmed to me that Ellen White’s concept was very accurate on the whole plan of salvation in both the Old and New Testament, but that the engraver had misrepresented her concepts. So he helped me in many details to make the painting historically and theologically accurate; especially regarding the sanctuary section, the Hebrew writing on the cross and the last supper scene. He told me to paint Jesus and his disciples at an oriental style table, sitting on mats on the floor – not Roman couches as the medieval artists painted. Further, he said their heads would be covered and he made sure I painted the wine, the unleavened bread and the bitter herbs and their symbolism exactly as they would have been. He approved of the whole painting and we had an unveiling ceremony at the Auburn SDA Church in late 1979. He had written a song to go with the painting and sat at the organ as we unveiled the painting. He wept as he sang the words of Jesus on the cross quoting Isaiah, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” He sang and sang and wept and wept, his whole body shaking. There was not a dry eye in the whole church. His voice was so beautiful.

The original painting hangs in the new SDA world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland where they have posters and Bible studies of the painting. I could never have done it without the inspiration of Rabbi Kagan and Ellen White. I wish they were still alive!

We were at his secret baptism in the Bear River above Sacramento on Saturday night Dec. 22, 1979. There were four of us present. He could not even tell his wife and son that he was now a Christian. As he came up out of the cold water praising God and singing to his new Messiah, he said, “I am now a completed Jew. I have now accepted the Old and New Testament and the Messiah that all Jewish prophets told us about!”

I was recently in Europe giving some workshops on art and some of my archeological work in the Middle East. I happened to meet a Jewish family from Israel. Shalom David was originally from Iraq and his wife from Chile. They were now attending a college in Europe where I met with quite a bit of opposition to the writings of Ellen White. This Jewish family invited me to their home for Shabbat (Friday night supper.) It was a most enjoyable occasion as his wife and beautiful children sang and celebrated the arrival of Sabbath as Jews have done for thousands of years. I told them the story of Rabbi Kagan and he got very excited. He said, “The same thing happened to me! I would have rather burned the Bible then touch it! I wanted nothing to do with Christianity, but I also read the writings of Ellen White and the Spirit of God was on that woman. Her writings are as if she wrote in Hebrew. You can definitely hear the Hebrew rhythm, meter and expressions in her books. I also believe she was inspired by the same source as the Hebrew prophets. And she has helped me fall in love with Jesus Christ, my Messiah.”

I just met yesterday with a rabbi living here in California – Rabbi Ben. It was a follow up to a Sabbath meal I was invited to this last Sabbath with him and a group of Adventists. He went through the whole ceremony at the meal just like Rabbi Kagan and as my new friend (Shalom David) in Europe had. So yesterday we were talking over Hebrew ceremonies and how they are still effective in healing disease.

Rabbi Ben told me that he has also had the same experience. He hated the Bible but that Ellen White brought him to Christ and helped him read the New Testament and fall in love with the Messiah. He also told me that he had gone to visit one of the most influential rabbis in America who is in his 90s who must remain unnamed. While in this rabbi’s library talking, he was scanning the many, many books on his walls and there he saw the book “Patriarchs and Prophets” by Ellen White. Rabbi Ben asked him about it and where he had gotten it, “Why do you have this book by a Christian author?” The rabbi said, “This as a very authoritative source on our history.”

I recently shared this testimony on T.V. at 3 Angels Broadcasting Network. My phone has been ringing day and night by interested people from as far away as India and Australia saying, “we want to know more about Joe Kagan and Ellen White.”

(This story was most likely from a few years back)

11 responses to “Who is this Ellen White? A Jewish Rabbi asks…”

  1. abede mack says:

    wow great we have a more sure word of prophecy this makes me feel to jump and dance and sleep sweet. EGW was right her writings are the lesser light pointing men to Jesus who is the greater light. God the Holy Ghost spoke through her for her to pen those books while men are rejecting the Testimonies in church of all people the Jews are embracing it and weeping about a crucified and risen Saviour. my brothers and sisters lets stay faithful Jesus is soon to come. I don’t ever place Ellen white as a normal writer. Listen to DWAYNE LEMON ON where he gave a balance and sound understanding regarding the LESSER LIGHT AND THE GREATER LIGHT. Who is really the Greater light and what is the Lesser light bye my Brethen God bless.

  2. Rodlie says:

    Amazing. Powerful.

  3. Thomas M. says:

    Very powerful indeed … Praise to God!

  4. ADP says:

    I agree with our Jewish friends, when you read her writings you know it comes from God personally. What a great gift out of His mercifull hand.

  5. Michael Bushey says:

    My eyes were dry when I started reading. God has given us something sharp and powerful, his word! Nothing is sharper or promisses more returns. Jesus, my heart burns with in me. Thankyou for saving your words for me. I must share with others.

  6. This was interesting I want to say that I actually received this via email a year or so ago.

    Very touching indeed.

  7. HP says:

    Can I post this on my site??

  8. marshall says:

    david asscherick always says true prphet false prophetest.ellen white is just oneo of the others in the 1800 no better than joseph question is if she was a prophetest why did she tell everyone that jesus was coming and they all believed her bs.and got rid of all of there stuff and went and camped out waiting for jesus to that true prophet or false prophet?i know the answer how about you.quit being brainwashed by was a fake just like the rest of those loons out of the 1800.i do like how you seven day adventest preacg the bible.but stick with the bible and not the fairytails of a fake prophetest.i never hear you mention her faulters just the books she never wrote.with out others to assist her.i do like the way your in depth with the was not egw that got you there,if it was then your more falsse than the mormons.

  9. lulubel says:

    marshall – When you verbally attack someone vehemently, it’s best to know your facts. You are incorrect about the people who thought Christ was appearing in 1844. Check her life story and you will realize that the methodists, Baptists, etc were the ones preaching this. Since you seem so uneducated about American history, I assume you have never read any of her writings, either. How can you be a critic of something second hand? You are only listening to the opinions of others, and that’s pretty silly. Jesus said something about the blind leading the blind. The bible says, “By their fruits you shall know them”. Surely the fruit of winning souls for Jesus demonstrates the veracity of what is being preached. I’m sure you believe what you wrote, but you need to check the facts from the source, not other people’s opinions. God bless you.

  10. Robert Garvin says:

    Ellen White never claimed or even gave the slightest indication
    she could be in any way infallible. Neither were any of the Bible
    Writers. They were only human but used by God for His purposes
    and they learned as they were guided by the Holy Spirit.
    My question to your most self righteous self is “What have YOU
    Written that has brought so many to a better and uplifting
    Understanding of the Scriptures? Ellen was a sinner and subject to
    Sin the same as you and me. Who are you to judge the intent of the
    Heart? Has Ellen written something that pointed out your sin
    and you object strongly to that? It is never the critics who are
    Remembered, only those who did the hard work and received
    all the criticism will be remembered, Never the critic.

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