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Are Vegetarian Diet’s Really More Healthy?

Posted on December 8th, by Present Truth in Archives. 1 Comment

Some say yes and some say no. What are the reasons for an against it? I have a friend that says a meat eater is just as healthy as a vegetarian. I would say he may be right in most cases. Think about the typical vegetarian. They eat the cheese, milk, eggs etc. usually in more abundance than the typical meat eater. This is why most vegetarians die at a similar rate as meat eaters. You realize that even a Vegan doesn’t mean that someone is healthy. One can eat french fries and friend onion rings and be a ‘vegan’. So what makes really good health? It is much more than diet that is for sure. Here is an interesting read from USA Today-

USA TODAY-Reducing consumption of a protein found in fish and meat could slow the ageing process and increase life expectancy, according to the research.

Scientists have long believed that an ultra low calorie diet – aproximately 60 per cent of normal levels – can lead to greater longevity. Full Story

One response to “Are Vegetarian Diet’s Really More Healthy?”

  1. I am also a vegetarian and my body has never been in a very good shape. Being a vegan can really make you much heathier.*,.

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