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Men’s thoughts on Modesty [Video]

Posted on February 7th, by Present Truth in Archives. 9 comments

9 responses to “Men’s thoughts on Modesty [Video]”

  1. Tami says:

    Excellent!! I wish I had understood this as a young woman. Every young Christian woman needs to see this.

  2. Richard Opp says:

    I am SO PROUD of my little wife, she is a VERY MODEST woman, and truly believes in modesty and keeping herself pure. Thank you for recording this, so MANY women do NOT understand what they do to men when they are immodest. It causes men to either ogle them, or to look away and pray for strength. It is such a temptation, they use something God blessed them with to attract men, many of them are ignorant of what their dress or lack of it does to men. God Bless those who DO understand!!

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you for a much needed appeal to women everywhere.

  4. SP says:

    This is so good and I think every pastor should require their congregation to watch this and hold them to a higher standard. Especially the female youth.

  5. Shakes says:

    This is a great piece. As a man, this is a battle that we fight everyday. I wish the ladies will be convicted of this fundamental truth. It is a blessing to see that some ladies appreciate this, be blessed Tami. I will download this and share it with the youth at church.

  6. MichelleJ says:

    It is amazing that in the church we have stop preaching modesty. I am thankful for this information.

  7. Stanley O says:

    Very Powerful. The young Ladies need to know that in order for the guys now to be good husbands for them in the future,they must help them gain the victory over lust of the flesh by dressing modestly. Praise God for this Video.

  8. Marvin says:

    Amen! Ladies, if you only knew… This simple video made we weep. The pain you cannot know, the torture you cannot feel. Please, help your brothers withstand and overcome the temptations of the world.

  9. Juanita ieremia says:

    Praise you oh Lord, all the honor and the glory be thou unto you!!! Thank you Father for there are people who truly loves you, hearing this video I say Lord you are God it is such a blessing to hear this from a young person, I am so attracted to a young man in the Lord who loves Him and puts him first in all his ways who ever this person is I pray that the Lord will bless you abundantly and keep you till He returns

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