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Behold the Bridegroom Cometh -[AUDIO]

Posted on December 3rd, by Present Truth in Archives. 3 comments

No man knows the day or hour…

Most of us think that has always referred to the second coming when in reality Jesus is speaking of the close of probation and Judgment. Listen to this sermon for things you may have never heard before.

The Divine Prescription

Posted on November 2nd, by Present Truth in Archives. 3 comments

I was honored to preach this sermon this past weekend in the DC area at the Triadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church under the leadership of Pastor Robb Long. I believe this is the message of the hour that the church needs to hear. I hope you are blessed -Jared

Who is God?-Video

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The Daniel Challenge in Atlanta – Starts October 4 @ the Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter

Posted on October 1st, by Present Truth in Archives. 1 Comment

That is my good friend Tarsha Grimes in the picture. She has lost over 80 lbs on the Daniel Challenge and is continuing to lose more weight.

I am so excited to share about the upcoming Daniel Challenge Health Seminars in Atlanta beginning October 4 and running through October 24. The meetings will meld the most crucial aspects of the life of Daniel with those of the most important principles of health that we have on the earth today. We will begin nightly at 7pm and the presentation will include an emphasis on one of the top 10 diseases in North America as well as a cooking and tasting demonstration.

If you are in Atlanta, please join us. If you are abroad, I invite you to check out our website – . We already are looking forward to bringing in guest speakers to various locales around the country for Daniel Challenge seminars and weekends in the coming months. The Beehive, the non-profit organization that I work with, has been working on these presentations and this series for months. We have launched it on a number of college campuses with great interest. If you are looking for a way to reach out … Read More »

Peace in a World of Chaos-Jared Thurmon [Video Presentation]

Posted on July 20th, by Present Truth in Archives. 1 Comment

Peace in a World of Chaos from The Beehive on Vimeo.

This was filmed at 12, a once a month worship service for Youth and Young Adults in Atlanta, Georgia.

Spiritual Constipation and the Solution

Posted on February 23rd, by Present Truth in Archives. No Comments

I had to share something that I just cannot keep to myself. As a lifelong church going Christian, I have learned much of the many ideas that circle Christianity. There are so many who have theories on what is the way to happiness. We have books about ‘The purpose driven life’ and many ideas on the meaning of life. I want to recommend a book to you if you have not read it. The name of the book is Steps to Christ by EG White. This book has been such a blessing to me. It has helped me see that if I am not joyful in this life, if I am not a blessing to my friends, If I am not excited about being a Christian then I am a fake, lonely, miserable human that no one will enjoy being around and I will end up hating myself.

I just got back from a trip to Rome, italy for a few days and I saw something that I believe can be a lesson to us. You see as Christians, we can get very busy hunting for the truth. We can get so obsessed with it that we forget what Christianity is … Read More »