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A Christ-less Christianity

Posted on December 21st, by Present Truth in Archives. 4 comments

In a world full of noise with every possible moment competed for by so many outlets, is it possible to find hope without Christ? Ok, so we agree probably not. We live in a world though that sure does try to fill up all religious activity with noise. I am not speaking of the ‘world’. That is not our concern in this article.

There is a noise in the Christian church. That noise is sometimes the music. It is sometimes the preaching. It is sometimes the hours upon hours of programming for kids. Is it possible that we spend so much time playing church that we forget about Christ?

It is one thing to say you know Christ, it is an entirely different for Christ to say He knows you. As you go through the coming week, think about the ‘gift’ of salvation that is so powerful to change lives. Seek for true religion by doing the works that Christ did. By living as Christ lived, we will become more like Him. This is His method. If we do not do this and all we do is go to church once or twice a week and fill our minds with spiritual food … Read More »

Looking for hypocrites? Look inside the church

Posted on April 27th, by Present Truth in Archives, Featured. 1 Comment

Don’t judge the whole article by the title. Though it may sum up what the biggest issue is with the Christian church. The state of the church and the state of the nations depend on what we do to fix this problem. The line of distinction between the world and Christians…has dissappeared. 

I was blessed to be able to lead a study this past weekend on Revelation 3 in regards to the church of ‘Laodicea’. The name actually means ‘A people of the jugdgment, or a people judged’. Check out this statement:

The message to the church of the Laodiceans applies especially to the people of God today. It is a message to professing Christians who have become so much like the world that no difference can be seen. Review and Herald 9/20/1903. 

Ok, so here is the crazy part. That statement above was written over 106 years ago. Imagine how much more umph the author could add today. We are a joke. I have dear friends that don’t come to church not because they were offended but because “what is the point, I am better off sleeping in. Notice that I did not say, I am better off reading my bible at … Read More »

Haiti in Crisis

Posted on March 31st, by Present Truth in Archives. No Comments

This is a video clip of the poorest of the poor. Never forget how FILTHY RICH you are after watching this video. Click Here for Video

Laodicea Awake-Alden Ho

Posted on March 1st, by Present Truth in Alden Ho, Speakers. 1 Comment

Behold I stand at the door and knock…This sermon shows the elements needed to answer the call of the Faithful and True Witness of Revelation 3:14