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Doomsday, Obama, and Being Good

Posted on May 20th, by Present Truth in Archives. 1 Comment

A few days ago, I recieved a link to a fascinating article: Click Here

I then responded to the gentlemen and said that this is one of the craziest things I had heard of but that it probably won’t fool many. Here was his response:

Jared, A few thoughts here,  I was hoping a person could look at this and make a correlation with what people of the world are preparing for based on what they see.  I am not saying we as Adventists should be doing this..but we should be preparing ourselves, me included.  Are we really preparing ourselves?  I mean we are in the age where I hear Adventists who don’t know if Ellen White was legit.  Have no clue about here writings on “end times”.  They even want to do what this article is doing…stocking up, getting guns etc.  I try explaining that God is who saves us and protects us.  They don’t seem to understand.  Just some thoughts I had….

Brother D.

I honestly can say I understand where he is coming from. I hear more people than I would like to admit to that are Anti-Obama, Anti-Iran, Pro Israel, Anti-Gay Marraige etc etc.

If people who claim to be studying their … Read More »

The Coming Dictatorship in America

Posted on March 23rd, by Present Truth in Last Day Events, Prophecy. 3 comments

In a week of unprecedented events in U.S History, this presentation is a wake up call. It was given a few years back but is as relevant as ever. J.R. Hoffman is the speaker