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Life-Enabling Molecules Spotted in Orion Nebula

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The chemical fingerprints of potentially life-building molecules have been detected in the Orion nebula by Europe’s Herschel Space Observatory.  The Orion nebula is a nearby stellar nursery, brimming with gas, dust and infant stars. It is known to be… Full Story

This statement will add some value to this news story:

The atmosphere parted and rolled back; then we could look up through the open space in Orion, whence came the voice of God. The Holy City will come down through that open space. I saw that the powers of earth are now being shaken and that events come in order. War, and rumors of war, sword, famine, and pestilence are first to shake the powers of earth, then the voice of God will shake the sun, moon, and stars, and this earth also. I saw that the shaking of the powers in Europe is not, as some teach, the shaking of the powers of heaven, but it is the shaking of the angry nations. {EW 41.2}

Scientists glimpse ‘end of the world’ in space dust study

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Dust particles contained in a type of burnt-out star known as “white dwarfs” could be the remnants of planets similar to our own, they concluded.

An international team, which included Dr Jay Farihi of the University of Leicester, found evidence that between one and three per cent of white dwarfs could once have had their own solar systems. Full Story

Scientist’s preparing to look further into the universe than ever before

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The first stage of the switch-on of one of the world’s most powerful stargazing systems has got under way.

Seven radio telescopes around the UK have been linked with optical fibres, allowing scientists to probe deeper into the Universe than ever before.

The new data-link upgrade has replaced the older microwave technology that once connected the telescopes.

Tim O’Brien, from the e-Merlin project, said: “It will be a revolution in terms of what we can do with our astronomy.”Full Story

New Close-up Shows Stars in Orion’s Heart

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Astronomers have caught their sharpest look of a double star system deep in the heart of the Orion nebula.  The result is an ultra-clear glimpse of Theta 1 Orionis C, a mismatched pair of stars locked in orbit around one another about 1,350 light-years from Earth. Once thought to be a single star, Theta 1 Orionis C is the brightest and most dominant stellar system inside…Full Story

And to think one day soon, Christ will burse through this nebula…

Nasa looking for other Worlds

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The Bible states in Hebrews 1:2 that Christ made the worlds. This is plural so therefore that means more than just earth. Well Nasa is going looking for those planets. Full Story

‘Cosmic Eye’ Photographed Staring Across Space

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A spectacular “cosmic eye” has been photographed in space by a telescope in Chile, showing a distant nebula in which sunlike stars are burning themselves out.

The image of the Helix nebula, which lies 700 light years away in the constellation Aquarius, was captured with the Wide Field Imager instrument at the La Silla Observatory high above the Atacama Desert. Full Story

Hubble Sees a Celestial ‘Snow Globe’

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Like a whirl of shiny flakes sparkling in a snow globe, many hundreds of thousands of stars move about in the globular cluster M13, as Hubble catches an instantaneous glimpse of one of the brightest and best-known globular clusters in the northern sky. This glittering metropolis of stars is easily found in the winter sky in the constellation Hercules, and can…Full Story