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Passion for God’s Truth- Do you have it? [Video]

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A challenge for today

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If tomorrow you knew that the end of your days would come, how would it affect your decisions today? Would you still head out to work today? Are there people at your work that know about your faith? Have you shared with those you really care about what you long for in the life to come? Have you been a good example to your children, brothers, sisters, parents, friends?

Are you still glad you made that purchase of that new car? Do you wish you had traveled more, less? What about church? Did you go week by week looking for a morsel of spiritual food or did you go to encourage someone that was there for some need that the sermon would not fill? Did you right your wrongs? How would you be remembered? Are you known for your patience or for your temper? Looking into your closet, was it really necessary to have so many pairs of shoes? Weren’t there kids in Africa you heard about years back that didn’t even have a pair of shoes?

If life were to be over tomorrow, have you done all that you had hoped to do? Are you fulfilled? Did you encourage others when … Read More »